Coimbatore car blast: Mother of two arrested brothers claims their innocence

The mother of Firoze Ismail and Mohammed Ismail, the two brothers among the six arrested in the Coimbatore car blast case, has said that her sons were innocent, and they had been to the residence of deceased Jameesha Mubin only to help him vacate his residence.

Mymuna Bheevi, the mother of the arrested brothers, said that Mubin had a heart problem and was not able to shift heavy material, and she had sent her sons and a neighbour, Riyas, to help Mubin.

She said that she and her family got acquainted with Mubin through his bookstore which she used to visit and added that they had become close over the years. The mother of two of the accused said that her neighbour Riyas also accompanied the boys for shifting the house and now he was also under arrest.

Mymuna Beegum also denied charges that Firoze was deported from the UAE due to any connections with IS, and that he had come home on his own after the expiry of his visa.

The family of Mohammed Talha, who is the nephew of S.A. Basha, founder of Islamic terror organization, Al- Umma said that he had only sold a car to Jameesha Mubin and was in no way involved in the attack.

Talha’s family also said that Mubin and his cousin Afsar Khan and associate Azharudhin had bought the car from Talha and it was sold for Rs 26,000, which was given to him in two installments.

However, the police denied the charges, and Coimbatore city police commissioner V. Balakrishna said that all the four accused were arrested based on proper evidence and after interrogation.

The Tamil Nadu Police were on high alert after the Coimbatore explosion and several vulnerable areas that the intelligence had warned, were now provided with heavy police protection.




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