Coimbatore hospitals stop admission fearing Oxygen shortage

Many of the hospitals in Coimbatore are turning away patients with breathing difficulties as they are expecting a shortage of Oxygen even as these hospitals have beds with Oxygen supply at present.

A doctor with a leading hospital in Coimbatore while speaking to IANS said, “We are not admitting new patients as we fear that the Oxygen we have at present may not be sufficient for our existing patients. We are indeed facing a crisis and have to get a huge supply of oxygen and to add extra beds to tide over this.”

However, relatives of patients have found that there were ample beds with Oxygen available in these hospitals on Saturday night.

Ramanarayanan, brother of a patient who was turned away by a hospital in Coimbatore said that there are a good number of beds available but hospitals are turning away patients.

While speaking to IANS, Ramanarayanan who is working in a private foundry said, “My brother had breathing difficulties and when I brought him to the hospital, they told me that there are no beds. However I have a few friends who are in the medical profession who told me that there are enough beds available and the hospitals are trying not to provide admission to new patients to cater to the existing patients.”

As per the TNEGA website, beds are vacant at eight government hospitals in rural areas and at Periyanaickenpalayam, Mettur, Thondamuthur and Kottur.

Even as there are beds available as per the TNEGA website, the hospitals are not providing admission to Covid patients. When contacted by IANS, Sankaranarayanan, a senior health official with the Tamil Nadu government services said, “We will look into the matter and bring up a solution. Hospitals with available Oxygen beds have to admit patients and the government will take necessary action immediately.”