Collectible campaign paper dolls of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders

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Just in time for one of the most electric elections in recent history, Dover Publications is presenting fun-filled paper dolls of the top Democratic and Republican candidates.

During the past two presidential campaigns, Dover printed more than 100,000 paper doll books based on then-nominees Barack Obama and John McCain. Instant bestsellers, the novelties were featured on Good Morning America, Today, and in People magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and many other major media outlets. Now, for 2016’s run to the White House, Dover presents high-quality Collectible Campaign Paper Doll Editions that lampoon the current crop of front-runners: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

Each book includes a doll of the larger-than-life candidate plus an assortment of 15 comedic costumes that capture — and spoof — their unique personalities. The Donald can suit up in wrestling togs for his “Battle of the Billionaires” match against WWE chairman Vince McMahon or a gown from the Miss Universe pageant he once owned. Hillary is ready to be dressed as a Girl Scout from her childhood days or with an apron from the time she was challenged to a cookie bake-off with Barbara Bush in 1992. (She won.) And Bernie’s wardrobe features the outfit he wore during the Saturday Night Live skit with Larry David and a “Vermonter” ensemble, complete with snow shoes and maple syrup.

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While the books are definitely tongue-in-cheek, they also offer a wealth of fascinating background facts and figures about each candidate. In-depth biographies are included and readers of all ages will learn that Mrs. Clinton won a 1997 Grammy award for Best Spoken Word Album, Mr. Sanders once filibustered for more than eight-and-a-half hours on the floor of the Senate, and Mr. Trump once wrote a book called The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received, among other entertaining facts. So the paper dolls will also be engaging tools for parents and teachers looking to educate children about the political process.

“If you read the headlines or watch the debates, it’s obvious that the 2016 candidates are colorful characters, so they are perfect for the same successful, satirical treatment that we gave Obama and McCain,” saysJennifer Feldman, Dover’s Publisher. “We are confident that these novelty figures will be prized not only by the devoted fans of Dover’s world-famous paper dolls but by the loyal supporters of each contender, lovers of political and topical humor, and anyone with a stake in America’s future.”

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Priced at only $11.99 each and available on June 10, 2016, Donald Trump Paper Doll Collectible Campaign Edition, Hillary Clinton Paper Doll Collectible Campaign Edition, and Bernie Sanders Paper Doll Collectible Campaign Edition will be on sale wherever books are sold — ordering is also easy at Dover’s website and other popular destinations.

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