Colombian goalkeeper Higuita’s name creating waves in Kerala

The name of legendary Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita has landed in controversy after the Kerala Film Chamber, acting on a complaint from acclaimed writer N.S.Madhavan, asked a Malayalam film director not to use the name ‘Higuita’ for his film which is in the final stages of production.

The Chamber is the apex body of various organisations which are engaged in the Malayalam film industry.

Seventy-four-year-old Madhavan, a former IAS officer, has written a short story named ‘Higuita’ and when he came to know of the film, he expressed his displeasure and reported the matter to the Chamber, which asked director Hemant G.Nair not to use Higuita as the title of his debut film.

“I have been in talks with people to make a film on my short story Higuita and now that it has already come out, I feel sad,” said Madhavan.

But Nair says though the title has similarity with Madhavan’s story, the film doesn’t have any connection with it.

“The film was announced in 2019 and the title registered with the Chamber also. Later, the launch was held at a big function and the social media also was active with this. Fail to understand why there is a problem now,” said Nair.

Veteran award winning Malayalam film personality Venu termed the development a “needless” controversy saying that he fails to understand the merit in what the writer has said.




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