Colombian guerrillas willing to resume peace talks with new govt

Colombia’s National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla group has announced its willingness to resume peace talks with the incoming government of Gustavo Petro, a former leftist rebel who won the presidential runoff for the 2022-2026 term.

“This (incoming) government must address the changes for a peaceful Colombia, among the most urgent are political and economic inclusion, a sovereign economy with no ransacking, and a new security and human rights doctrine,” Xinhua news agency quoted the group as saying in a statement.

“If the elected president takes office on Aug. 7 to make the changes that will put us on the path to defeat cronyism and take the violence out of politics, advance social inclusion plans that address jobs and initiatives for the majority, an agrarian reform plan and a new model to fight drugs, and provides continuity to the peace process, Colombia will have a government supported by the popular movement,” the statement added.

Peace talks between the government and the ELN began in 2017 during the administration of former President Juan Manuel Santos, but were suspended in January 2019.




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