Comments about Pakistan mistranslated, exaggerated: Parrikar

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Panaji, Dec 2 (IANS) Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday said his comments on Pakistan last week were mistranslated from Konkani to English, adding that his remarks published in a section of English media were “exaggerated”.

“They do not understand the nuances much. Therefore, I do not know what ‘glaring of eyes’ means in English. When I read an English newspaper, I was wondering when did I say this,” Parrikar said at a poll meeting in Shiroda assembly constituency, around 40 km from Panaji.

“Then I read a Hindi newspaper and I realised it (remarks) was correct in Hindi as the issue was analysed on the basis of what I had explained. One of the correspondents from here, while translating the remarks to English did so literally,” Parrikar said, adding that his comments published in the English media were exaggerated.

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“… you can say with pride to the entire country that one of our own went there and slapped the enemy — which in the past was glaring (staring) at us — four times across its cheeks,” Parrikar said at a poll rally in Goa on November 26.

“Over the last three days, the borders are quiet because if we are fired upon once, we fire twice… when they realised it, they came to us and said enough. We do not want to wage war,” he had added.

On Friday, Parrikar said he will not comment on defence-related issues during his speeches in Goa.

“… cannot speak about defence issues here… the moment I speak, national media listens in Konkani and translates it in English. (But) we understand our language,” Parrikar said.

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“So, I decided I will speak only on local issues here (Goa)… when one speaks from the heart, it goes to the heart of the common man. But, sometimes, it creates controversies, big and small,” he said.



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