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Communal tension in Junagadh: Man booked for provocative social media posts

Gujarat Police have taken action against an individual named Sama Sarfaraz, who has been booked for posting inflammatory content on Facebook.

The posts, aimed at inciting communal tension and spreading hatred, went viral after riots erupted in Junagadh over concerns surrounding the demolition of a religious structure. The matter is registered with Junagadh B Division police station.

According to the police, Sarfaraz allegedly shared provocative content on Facebook, including videos of the riots near the Dargah. The posts were found to have deeply offended the religious sentiments of a specific community, potentially fuelling further tension between two communities.

Jetha Kodiyatar filed the complaint after coming across the series of posts while browsing Facebook.

The FIR states that the accused had allegedly posted a video urging members of the minority community to take matters into their own hands in response to the district authorities’ decision to demolish the religious structure.

In response to objections raised by a Muslim organisation regarding the demolition notices posted on dargahs in the town, the Gujarat High Court has taken note of the matter and issued a notice.

The violence erupted earlier this week when a demolition notice was issued to the Majewadi gate Dargah in Junagadh. The situation quickly escalated, resulting in one fatality and multiple injuries, including police personnel.

So far, more than 500 individuals have been charged with rioting, and 35 have been arrested in connection with the unrest.

In the riots, a 62-year-old man lost his life, and four police personnel, including Junagadh Deputy SP Hitesh Dhandhaliya, sustained injuries. The chaos resulted in the vandalism of a police chowki, multiple police vehicles, and a state transport bus.



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