Compensation for kin of govt employees who died due to Covid: UP CM Yogi

UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath has said that compensation for families of government employees who have died in the pandemic would be ensured.

“Every death is sad and the state government’s condolences to each employee of state government, State Election Commission, teachers, educationists, instructors, police personnel, and every employee who died during election duty or who was infected with Corona during that period and later died,” he said in a statement. The chief minister further said that according to the rules of the State Election Commission, the state government acts on issues like compensation to their family and the employment of a family members of the employees. Since the Election Commission guidelines are out of date and of times when there was no Corona then, therefore, a fresh sympathetic consideration is required in this regard, he said. The chief minister directed the chief secretary and additional chief secretary Panchayati Raj to talk to the State Election Commission and co-ordinate for amending its guidelines on the basis of which the employees doing election duty, who died in case of infection within a certain time frame, could also be included in this criterion.

The chief minister further directed Team 9 that is involved in Covid management in the state, to ensure that medicines for the treatment of black fungus are available in sufficient quantity in all the districts of the state.

Proper medical treatment should be ensured in all districts, including Meerut and Lucknow, where cases are higher.

Ensuring adequate availability of all essential medicines by communicating with health experts regarding the cause and treatment method of black fungus, should also be the priority of the government.

The chief minister asked officials to send a letter to the Government of India and request an increase in the allocation of medicines. The total population of the state and the number of patients should be kept in view while sending the demand letter.

He directed that medical devices should be kept in working condition at health centres and the system of cleanliness and sanitization should be made effective.