New Delhi, March 22 (IANS) At the epicentre of the anti-CAA protest at Jamia Nagar, there is a complete shutdown in the locality, even tea stalls are closed.

A resident in Okhla Vihar said this type of lockdown is unprecedented at a place where streets used to be crowded till late after midnight.

Another resident Ali who lives in Zakir Nagar said: “This is for our safety and the lockdown should be extended for some more days.”

While people are worried about grocery and medical supplies, they have been told that in case of a complete lockdown, the supply of essential commodities will not be stopped.

The afternoon prayers had minimal presence as people advised each other to keep indoors.

While people on Saturday tried to buy in bulk, grocery owner Ramzan told customers that the store will remain open and that there would not be a shortage of supplies. “People should avoid bulk-buying,” he said.

However, there are various views about discontinuing the anti-CAA protest with many feeling that “the agitation should be called off.”




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