Conflict of interest complaint filed against Sandeep Patil after filing nomination for MCA President’s post

Hours after former India cricketer Sandeep Patil on Saturday filed his nomination for the post of the President of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), a conflict of interest complaint was filed against him by the current joint secretary Sanjay Naik.

In his 13-page complaint to Justice Dilip Bhosale (Retd), the MCA ombudsman and ethics officer, Naik wrote, “The complainant submits that the Respondent (referring to Sandeep Patil) here is not eligible and/or qualified for submitting his nomination form for Post of President and/or a member of Apex Council of MCA, as the Respondent is not eligible and/or disqualified under Rule 38(v) (Conflict of Interest) of the constitution of the MCA (herein referred to as said constitution).”

Naik pointed out that Patil is a close relative of Salil Ankola, the former India fast bowler who is currently the chairman of the MCA senior men’s selection committee. Ankola’s daughter Sana is married to Chirag, the son of Patil.

“It is pertinent to note that, the daughter-in-law of the Respondent, i.e. Mrs. Sana Patil nee Sana Ankola is the daughter of cricketer Salil Ankola, who is the present chairman of the selection committee, Mumbai Sr Selection Committee (herein referred to as ‘said committee’). Hence, the daughter of said Mr. Salil is the daughter-in-law of the Respondent herein, therefore there is a close relationship between the Respondent and the daughter-in-law of Mr. Salil Ankola, i.e. the chairman of the said committee and thus the same is clearly in Conflict of Interest as defined under Rule 38 (v) of the said constitution of MCA.”

“The provision of Rule 38(v) reads as under:- …Position of Influence: When the individual occupies a post that calls for decisions of governance, management or selection to be made, and where a friend, relative or close affiliate is in the zone of consideration or subject to such decision-making, control or management. Also, when the individual holds any stake, voting rights, or power to influence the decisions of a franchisee/ club/”team that participates in the commercial league(s) under MCA;…”

Naik further stated that Patil’s nomination for the post of MCA President needs to be rejected. “In the facts and circumstances mentioned hereinabove the Complainant herein respectfully submits that the Respondent is clearly disqualified under aforesaid Rule 38 (v) of the said Constitution of MCA for submitting his nomination for the post of President and/or a member of the Apex Council of MCA and therefore the Respondent is not entitled to submit his nomination and conduct election for the post of President.”

“Therefore it is necessary for the interest of justice and in the interest of MCA that the nomination form submitted by the Respondent is required to be rejected/cancelled and/or the Respondent be declared as disqualified to conduct the election for the post of President and /or member of the Apex Council of MCA.”

Patil, a former right-handed batter who was a member of India’s 1983 ODI World Cup-winning squad, would be representing the Sharad Pawar group in the MCA elections, which are scheduled for October 20. Patil, 65, also coached the Indian team as well as Kenya and later served as the chairman of the national men’s senior selection committee apart from being director of cricket operations at the National Cricket Academy (NCA).

When contacted by IANS to respond to the conflict of interest complaint raised against him, Patil chose not to comment on the same. “I want to talk about cricket and the development of cricket at all levels Men/Woman and all others associated with the game. Nothing else!”

Interestingly, Patil was in line to be the MCA President in 2019. But again, due to a conflict of interest, around his contract as a commentator for Star Sports’ Marathi broadcast, he had to let go of contesting for the top post.




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