Cong can’t tell under which clause of farm laws mandi will be scrapped: Thakur

Union Minister of state for Finance Anurag Thakur on Saturday said that despite repeatedly asking, the Congress wasn’t able to explain under which clause of new farm laws “mandis” will be scrapped.

Addressing a meeting of women entrepreneurs on the union budget in the national capital, Thakur said, “A Congress MP in Lok Sabha said that ‘mandis’ will be scrapped and when I asked him repeatedly four times to tell me under which clause it will happen, he failed to answer.”

“They (Congress) did not have an answer even when I intervened in the Rajya Sabha and asked them to tell me the clause which talks about scrapping of mandis or withdrawal of MSP they failed to answer. A Congress MP in Rajya Sabha accepted that mandis will not be scrapped,” he said.

“On one side former Congress president Rahul Gandhi says that mandis will be scrapped and on the other hand another MP of Congress says they won’t be scrapped. The Congress is moving in two directions and if things go like this the Congress may split in two parts,” said the minister.

He further said the truth must be told to the country. “We have done more procurement and also paid more MSP,” said the minister.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, Thakur said that he is not able to tell the difference between two crops like his father, former PM Rajiv Gandhi.

“If I ask Rahul Gandhi what is the difference between wheat and barley, he would not be able to tell the difference. His father Rajiv Gandhi also was not able to explain the difference between red and green chilies. What should I ask from such a leader…but they come and tell lies,” he said.

“Due to such novice politics, Congress has become a party of 40 MPs from once being a party of 400 MPs. The reason for this downfall is ‘parivarvad’ (dynasty) politics,” he said.

Talking about defence budget, he said that budget for defence has been increased by 18.8 per cent. “India has made China buckle down under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” said the minister.

The minister said no bulletproof jackets were purchased during ten years of Congress rule but the Modi government has provided two lakhs bulletproof jackets.