Cong confident of winning 136 seats in K’taka, no room for operation lotus: Shivakumar

Karnataka Congress President D.K. Shivakumar stated on Thursday that the party is going to win 136 seats in upcoming state assembly elections and there will be no scope for BJP to carry out operation lotus in the state.

Speaking to reporters in an interaction programme organised at the Press Club, Shivakumar maintained that an internal survey of the party confirmed majority seats for Congress in Karnataka.

“We will come to power on our own. The survey has suggested that BJP is going to win only in 67 seats. I will talk about JD(S) later,” he said.

The party is going to recommend one name for the ticket for 100 seats. The party has got 1,350 applications for 224 constituencies. About 10 to 12 candidates have applied for a few constituencies. Since they have confidence of winning, the applications have come, Shivakumar stated.

Commenting on BJP’s statement that during Sankranthi festival many Congressmen are joining them, Shivakumar maintained that the festival is for the Congress party also as many from BJP are even ready to join his party.

“We have unity. I and Siddaramaiah are united. Media is searching for discord between us which is not there at all. However, the media is concealing the fight of factions within BJP,” he opined.

Shivakumar further stated that ever since he took over as the President, he had been saying that there is no scope for individual worship and there can only be worship of the party.

“We have agreed to the leadership of Siddaramaiah and guidance of Mallikarjun Kharge and we will fight the election on this basis,” he added.

People have become wary of the BJP party. The High Court is slamming the state government on the issue of potholes every day. It had fined the BJP government for not conducting local elections. Only emotional politics is being carried out, Shivakumar stated.

There is no investment coming to the state in the backdrop of communal politics. For their selfishness, BJP leaders are hurting the lives and livelihood of people, he said.




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