Cong ex-spokesperson Jayrajsinh Parmar hints at joining BJP

Within 24 hours of his announcement of quitting the Congress, North Gujarat leader and aggressive spokesperson Jayrajsinh Parmar on Friday hinted at joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on his Twitter handle.

“Kali Kalkatta Wali Tera Vachan Na Jay Khali….

Pavagadh Mahakali Ke Charan Sparsh Karke… Vaya Lunavada Se Koba, Gandhinagar

#Episode 2″


Koba is the place where there’s only one political destination, ‘Shri Kamalam’, the state BJP headquarters.

Sources in the BJP said that Parmar is likely to join on Saturday.

In his resignation letter which he had posted on Facebook as an emotional outburst addressed to his supporters, Jayrajsinh Parmar on Thursday had said, “Not only Gujarat, the (Congress) party is virtually dysfunctional even at the national level.”

According to the outspoken leader, he had sought a ticket to contest the Assembly elections four times from his constituency, Kheralu, but was never given a chance.

“I had sought a ticket from Kheralu Assembly seat of Mehsana in 2007, 2012, 2017 (elections) and 2019 (bypoll), but I was not given the ticket. But I never complained. Now I am tired, not because I have left any energy to fight but the party leadership itself doesn’t wish to fight,” said his tweet.

“I have drawn the attention of Congress leaders towards flaws in the party’s internal system in the past. But, since the party is not willing to make changes in its functioning, I am left with no other option than to leave the party,” he said.

He added that the Congress was not in power in Gujarat for 27 years now. “Look at past twenty year’s Election Committee, Campaign Committee, Core committee, you will see the same old faces. Even after 27 years losing in the state with these faces, the High command’s eyes do not open,” said Parmar.

“There’s this saying that Survival of the Fittest and Struggle for Existence, so if they want to stay fit, they will be wiped out. I am now turning back the meter of my political career to zero, after shedding 37 years for the party.”




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