Cong fields women spokespersons to question ministers on Delhi rape

The Congress on Sunday fielded a panel of its woman spokespersons to question the silence of the Modi government’s women ministers on the issue of rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl in the national capital.

The press conference was jointly addressed by Alka Lamba, Supriya Shrinate, Ragini Nayak, and Amrita Dhawan.

Lamba said: “Despite the Congress’ notice on the issue in the Rajya Sabha, a debate was not allowed while women ministers were busy in shopping for sarees at Delhi Haat.”

Shrinate asked: “Why is the Home Minister silent when Delhi Police is directly under him.”

The Twitter account of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi was blocked on Saturday, after the NCPCR flagged the issue, of his photos with the victim’s parents, with the social media platform.

The Congress alleged that BJP is trying to silence its voices but it will not stop. “The rape and murder of the 9-year-old is not an issue, but the tweet is,” said Nayak.

Gandhi on Wednesday met the family members of the 9-year-old victim who was raped and killed and demanded justice for them. The minor girl was allegedly raped, murdered, and cremated without her parents’ consent in Old Nangal crematorium recently.

But the BJP alleged that Rahul Gandhi has revealed the identity of the victim’s family which is unlawful.

Following the complaint by the NCPCR, Gandhi’s Twitter account had been temporarily suspended and the party, from his official handle, tweeted that due process is being followed for its restoration.

It said that until then, Gandhi will stay connected with all through his other social media platforms and continue to raise his voice for people and fight for their cause.

Gandhi joined Twitter in April 2015 and has 19.5 million followers on the social media platform.

He keeps on raising several issues, and criticising the goverment, through his Twitter handle.