Cong govt telling lies to hide truth in Alwar rape case: BJP

Rajasthan BJP president Satish Poonia on Saturday slammed the Ashok Gehlot-led Rajasthan government over the Alwar rape case, saying “the Congress government is telling 100 lies to hide the truth and save the criminals”.

Interacting with the mediapersons in Jaipur, he said: “The Congress government has made several unsuccessful attempts to cover up the truth on the Alwar deaf and dumb victim case. It took a week for the police to find out what kind of injury was?

“What is the reason that questions are being raised on the working style of the police? The way the whole matter was taken up was full of laxity. Also, U-turns taken by the government and the police are surprising,” he commented.

“The representatives of the government go on to give Rs 3.50 lakh as compensation for rape; it seems that the government is telling 100 lies to hide the truth. It has tried to erase something, there is something fishy in the matter,” he said.

It needs to be mentioned here that a deaf and dumb minor girl, bleeding profusely, was found in a serious condition near Tijara puliya in Alwar. Onlookers had informed the police and she was rushed to a local hospital from where she was shifted to the Jaipur-situated JK Lon Hospital.

Thereafter, police said that the girl was probably not raped. Later, an investigation was started to find out if she was hit by any bike. Meanwhile, the state government has given consent for a CBI probe in the matter.




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