Monday, June 17, 2024

Cong has more faith in Hinduism than BJP, says Raj CM

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has claimed that Congress has more faith in Hinduism than the BJP.

“We will not allow BJP to make Hindutva their agenda in Rajasthan,” he said, adding that in the state all religions, castes and classes will do politics together.

“Congress has more faith in Hinduism than the BJP. There are many in the saffron party who have no connection with the Hindu religion at all. They have become Hindus just to do politics over building Ram temple. Slowly, their secrets are being revealed,” said Gehlot during a tour of cyclone affected Pali-Jalore districts on Wednesday.

While interacting with the media in Jalore, Gehlot said that his party has gone out of its way to serve the cows. “We were the first to create the Directorate of Cows and also gave grants, but did not seek votes in its name. Despite doing precious little for the cows, the BJP unabashedly demands votes in the name of ‘Gaumata “, he added.

Meanwhile, responding to allegation, the BJP State President CP Joshi said, “By making such statements, Gehlot wants to divert attention from the incident of

gang-rape of a Dalit girl in Khajuwala, Bikaner. BJP will give a befitting reply at an opportune time. As of now, the aggrieved family needs justice. Why is the Chief unmoved by just a tragic and barbaric incident?. They just want to divert people’s attention from it, but the people of the state know everything.”

Taking on Priyanka Gandhi BJP state president C.P. Joshi said that the Congress leader used to repeatedly say ‘Ladki hoon Lad sakti hoon’. This is the time she should come to Rajasthan as women atrocities are at its peak in the state and Ashok Gehlot should introduce her to the affected families. For Priyanka Rajasthan nothing more than a tourist destination, he countered.



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