Cong leaders mentioned YSR’s name in FIR: Sharmila

Former united Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy’s daughter and founder of YSR Telangana Party, Sharmila, on Friday lashed out at Congress leaders for trying to appropriate the late leader and said that they introduced his name in the FIR.

Sharmila recalled that it were the same Congress leaders who introduced Reddy’s name in the FIR after his death and criticized their attempts to own him up now.

By invoking FIR, Reddy’s daughter is referring to the multiple alleged corruption cases slapped against her brother and current Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy by the then Congress government in the state as well as the Centre, in some of which Rajasekhar Reddy was also mentioned as an accused.

She said the former CM gave political birth to many Congress leaders.

Meanwhile, the newest party founder denied speculation that she has started a political party in Telangana only because she was denied an MP ticket in Andhra Pradesh.

“I reiterate, the reason for me to establish a party in Telangana is for the welfare of the people. Telangana people are being meted out justice,” said Sharmila.

According to the YSR Telangana Party founder, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) has not achieved anything in the past seven years and that she has been observing it.

“Unemployment rate rose four fold in seven years. Our state is at the top in unemployment. Similar case with farmers’ suicides. What did they do with billions of rupees debt? Did they build a house or offer a job to anyone?” Sharmila posed.

She said KCR has misused the opportunity given to him and questioned as to whose pockets were filled with this money.

“Nearly 54 lakh people have applied to the government that they are unemployed. If 54 lakh people have applied, imagine how many more have not applied?” Sharmila observed.

The opposition leader alleged that ‘KCR’s bathroom has been made bulletproof’ and queried if unemployed youths’ lives don’t matter?

She reasoned that there is a need for her to establish a political party and offer her fighting spirit to the people of Telangana for their welfare but not because she did not get any post in Andhra Pradesh.

“This is not true, not true, not true. I am telling you again and again,” she clarified.

Sharmila said a political party means its activists, leaders and that it is an organisation. She said a party is an establishment and it should happen if someone is there or not.

She noted that YSR Telangana Party should continue whether she is present or not and highlighted that there is the name of ‘YSR’ in her party.

“We established this party for the ambitions of the great leader (YSR) and not because I was angry at someone. I reiterate, please don’t bring this issue up again,” she added.