New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) The Congress has supported the extension of the lockdown till May 3 as announced by the Prime Minister, but has questioned the strategy of the government to “protect” the country during the lockdown. It has also asked the government to spell out the strategy to test the people on a mass level, and take action against those employers who are sacking their employees.

“The Prime Minister has spelt out what the citizens what to do, but he has not told what the government is doing for the country and people,” said Congress leader Manish Tewari.

The Congress posed questions on the uniform strategy on testing and how it was going forward on this, whether the testing will be in hotspots or in the containment areas or every where.

The party has asserted that the key to the containment was testing.

The Congress also raised the situation of the quarantined labourers. “The labourers who had been quarantined and now test negative, will they be sent home or not. What will the government do about them,” said Tewari.

The Congress also raised questions about the harvest season as the machines were stuck at the state borders. “How the government will let the people in villages to go to the field and to the Mandi”, asked Tewari.

The party demanded that the government give free ration to everyone till September 2020, which was also a demand put forth by party’s interim president Sonia Gandhi

The Congress has also asked about the supply chains and check price rise, hoarding and black marketing.

The party has demanded that action should be taken against those employers who are using the occasion for retrenchment of employee.




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