New Delhi, Feb 23 (IANS) The Congress once again raised the pitch on Sunday, over much publicised Modi-Trump gala public event, connecting the same with general system of preferences (GSP) that was scrapped by the US.

Congress Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala tweeted: “Continuing since 1974, US removed India from Duty Free Imports i.e GSP on June 5, 2019. It has affected the $5.6 billion Indian exports to the US, especially gems, jewellery, rice, leather.”

He added, “Post ‘Howdy Modi’ & ‘Namaste Trump’ gala events, Will PM ensure restoration of GSP status?”

This is not the first time the Congress has raised the GSP pitch over US President Donald Trump’s India visit. On Friday, another congressman Anand Sharma said, “This visit should not be reduced to a photo opportunity or a PR exercise that would devalue the importance of our partnership, that would also not be in India’s national interest,” before adding India must raise the issues of “restoration of GSP and also reversing the present association and recognizing India as a developing country.”

The United States Trade Representative’s (USTR’s) office earlier classified India as a developed economy, this making it ineligible for benefits given by Washington to all the developing countries.




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