Congress, BJP demand removal of Kerala Women’s Commission chief


The Congress and the BJP in Kerala have demanded the immediate ouster of state Women’s Commission chairperson M.C. Josephine for her “rude and curt behaviour” towards a woman complaining about domestic abuse meted to her at her husband’s home.

In a TV channel organised phone in programme, Josephine, responding to a woman who had called to complain about the harassment that she has been facing at her husband’s home, but added that she had not given a police complaint, said: “If you have not done (that), then you continue to suffer.”

In the one to one talk between Josephine and the hapless woman, Josephine behaved in a “very rude and curt manner, where she was seen expressing her displeasure all through the talk” and at the end, the caller disconnected, opposition parties said.

Senior Congress leader Bindhu Krishna said it is “a shocking response” from a person who has to take care of the harassed and since that has not happened, she has to quit.

“I have raised a complaint against Josephine at the Kerala Women’s Commission demanding action against her for her intimidatory response to a hapless woman. The complaint has been emailed,” said Krishna.

New Congress president K.Sudhakaran said Josephine should quit and if she does not, she should be removed as this is not the way a responsible person should behave.

Senior BJP leader and former Commission member Pramila Devi said it is a shameful that a person who has to take care of rights and protection of women in Kerala reacts in such a brash manner.

“The Pinarayi Vijayan government should dissolve this present Commission, as she is a shame for Kerala,” she demanded.

Meanwhile, Josephine defended herself, saying that they all are also human beings and going through various issues and “I never ever meant what I said”.

“I am not appointed by the Youth Congress to this post and am ready to listen whatever the government says,” she said.

This episode comes amid numerous cases of young married women committing suicides after being harassed at their husband’s home for more dowry being reported across the state.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also stepped in and appointed a special officer and also announced a special helpline for harassed women to call in and complain.