New Delhi, Aug 15 (IANS) To counter the propaganda against the party, the Congress has launched a web series titled “Dharohar” to trace the history of the Congress and it’s contribution to building India — from the freedom struggle to the emergence of India as a major power in just 70 years after Independence.

“Dharohar” will look back at the 135 year legacy of the party’s robust history — of India & the ideas that went into the making of it because the idea of Congress is the idea of India.

“For Congress is not only India’s past and present but also its future. We start this journey by looking at the formation of Congress in our very first episode,” said a statement released by party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala.

The Indian National Congress was formed on December 28, 1885 – an organisation that gave voice to the voiceless and led the fight for India’s freedom. With leaders from all walks of life dedicating their lives to India, the Congress has always been by the people, for the people and of the people.

Congress social media head Rohan Gupta appealed to the people to watch the web series. “Do tune into our social media channels to take a walk through the history of India and of the Indian National Congress,” he said.

The party said that the Congress has been at the forefront of the efforts to create an India which is a global leader in industry, agriculture, science, technology, health, military, culture and all this without ever compromising on its secular and democratic nature.

The Congress is using the social media tools to reach out to the masses as the party has been the victim of false propaganda from various quarters and now the party wants to counter this narrative, said a Congress leader.




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