Congress lost 90% elections under current leadership: Pawan Varma


The current Congress leadership has lost 90 per cent of the elections, Trinamool Congress national Vice President Pawan Varma said on Friday, adding that top Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi and P. Chidambaram, have not been able to “rise above their narrow silos” to respond to the political challenges.

Addressing a press conference here, Varma also cited Congress as the main impediment for parties like the Trinamool Congress to take on the BJP.

“The Congress is driven by the ambition of one leader whose inadequacy I do not need to explain. Since 2012, the Congress under this leadership has lost 90 per cent of the elections it has fought. If it could deliver, why would there be a need for change? You have seen the track record… 2014, 2019,” Varma told reporters.

“So, if the Congress cannot play its role, refuses to understand its inadequacy, deliberately prevents itself from realising that today, then it is not the Congress that brought us freedom. It is a diminished, depleted party. And therefore, any person who votes for the Congress today knowing this background is strengthening the BJP,” he added.

The former diplomat also said that the Congress is proving to be a stumbling block in the opposition unity against the BJP.

“We said let the vote against the BJP be united, the Congress said let the vote be divided. That is the message of the Congress. If you vote for the Congress, you are voting for a disunited opposition,” Verma said.

“How do you strengthen the opposition space? You need a leader with vision who can put aside personal ambition, personal ego. Which is what we did. And Mr. Chidambaram, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party could not rise above their narrow silo, their narrow vision to respond,” he added.



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