Congress MP asks Modi to seeks views from states on livestock ban

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New Delhi, May 30 (IANS) Former Union Minister and Congress MP Vincent H. Pala has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to seeks views from state governments on the new rules governing livestock trade.

In a letter to Modi, Pala told Modi that tribal states like Meghalaya should be exempt from the application of these rules.

He urged the Modi government to seek the views of all states and union territories to review the rules and allow their implementation with necessary modifications.

He said only Parliament was empowered to expand the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960.

Pala said Section 38 of PCA Act, 1960 does not authorize the central government to create new provisions, new definitions and new organizations like Animal Market Monitoring Committee and Animal Market Committee.

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He said Section 11(3)(e) exempts the slaughter of an animal for food from being deemed as “cruelty” to animal.

“Animals for slaughter are secured only through livestock markets. If animal trade for slaughter is banned, it will tantamount to repeal of section 11(3)(e) of the principal Act and also has attenuating effect on the Slaughter House Rules of 2001.

“This therefore calls for serious application of mind and review,” he said.

The MP said the new rules ban livestock trade for animal sacrifices.

Tribals and even non-tribals have for centuries held faith in animal sacrifice, he said.

Reasonable exemptions must be granted so that the new rules do not interfere with religious and customary practices and freedoms, he said.


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