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Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi’s convoy meets with accident, seven injured

Assam Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi’s convoy met with an accident when he went to attend a party program in Cachar district on Tuesday, officials said.

However, the Congress leader was unhurt as his vehicle passed before the collision occurred.

Approximately 100 vehicles were transporting MP Gogoi and other Congress members from Kumbhirgram Airport in Cachar district to the Congress Bhavan in Silchar, when one of the vehicles in the convoy was struck by a vehicle coming from behind on the same highway, the police stated.

According to accounts, the cavalcade was travelling at a fast speed when a car suddenly drove in front of one of the vehicles in the convoy and was struck by other vehicles in the same lane.

Seven Congress members, including some women, who were in one of the vehicles that were involved in the collision, were hurt. Ajit Singh, a former minister was one of the people who suffered minor wounds.

Gogoi was not hurt in the incident since his car had passed the area before the collision occurred. The cops arrived in the interim and removed the damaged vehicles.



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