‘Congress mukt Bharat’ phrase was spontaneously coined in Goa: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday revealed the origins of the phrase ‘Congress mukt bharat’ (Congress-free India) during his election speech at Mapusa town in North Goa.

Modi, who was in Goa to campaign for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said that Goa had proved to be fortunate for his political journey, but added that the first time that he had used the phrase ‘Congress mukt Bharat’ was also in Goa, ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

“I have been limitlessly blessed by God Bodgeshwar (Mapusa’s local deity), that in the important moments of my life, Goa has played a decisive role. The journey of this role I am in right now began from Goa. In June 2013, there was a BJP (national) executive meeting here. When I was in Goa in June 2013, the BJP had nominated me as the election campaign committee head for the Lok Sabha election,” Modi said in his speech.

“After that I was nominated as (BJP’s) Prime Ministerial candidate. It was an inspiration which emanated from this land of Goa. (Former Defence Minister late Manohar) Parrikar had organised my meeting here. In that meeting, I uttered this phrase spontaneously. The phrase was Congress mukt Bharat. This word emerged from the soil of Goa, a land which has been blessed by saints. It just came out of my mouth like that. This phrase has now become a resolve amongst crores of people of India,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister also offered prayers at the Lord Bodgeshwar temple in Mapusa on his way to the election rally venue, located a short distance away.




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