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Congress slams Kerala CM after its cadre beaten by CPI(M) workers & police

Kerala Leader of Opposition (LoP) V.D Satheesan on Tuesday slammed the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for allegedly turning the coastal state into a ‘gangster state’ after the Congress cadre were allegedly beaten up by CPI(M) workers and the police.

“Only a person with a ‘criminal’ mind can applaud such activities unleashed by ‘criminals’. Kerala hangs its heads in shame. Our state has turned into a gangster state. Is this the way a new Kerala will be built by Vijayan. He is a person criminal mind,” Satheesan said.

The Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is on a state-wide trip, which will pass through all 140 assembly constituency, and is scheduled to end on December 24 in the state capital.

Vijayan has touted it to be the beginning for building a new Kerala, while the opposition has termed it as extravagance and PR exercise ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

On Tuesday, angry youth Congress workers took to streets in Kannur and clashed with the police to protest the way several of their activists came under heavy attack from the CPI-M workers and police action.

“Our workers protested by waving black flags and if this is the way those who protests are handled, we (legislators and parliament members) will soon be out in the streets waving black flags against Vijayan,” said Satheesan.

The Opposition has blamed Vijayan of using the trip as an election campaign using state funds.

“It’s shameful to see the State Chief Secretary making the inaugural speech. Vijayan only meets VIPs over a breakfast and the common people have to meet the officials to get their issues addressed,” said Satheesan.

Meanwhile, the Kerala High Court stayed a government order which had asked the school authorities to allow their school buses for the use of Vijayan’s state-wide trip.

The Chief Minister Vijayan said that even before the bus trip started the Congress boycotted it and now they are trying to make people stay away from our programme.

“Just after four days, we see people have made it a big success. Now, those who are opposing it have become restless,” the Chief Minister added.



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