Congress thinking has been hijacked by urban Naxals: PM Modi

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the Congress Party as a ‘Tukde-Tukde gang’ in the Lok Sabha, he on Tuesday said in the Rajya Sabha that the principal opposition party’s thinking has been hijacked by the urban Naxals.

Replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s speech in the Upper House, he said, “It is said that we are trying to change history. Congress thinking has been trapped by urban Naxals.” Saying that their (Congress) thinking has become destructive, Modi added, “We just want to improve the memory of some people. We are not changing history. Some people’s history starts from a particular time, we are only going back. Some people’s history is limited to one family.”

Taking a jibe over the statement made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on the importance of federalism in the Lok Sabha last week where he said that India is a Union of States, Modi said that the Congress party has an objection to the word nation. Why do they not change the name of their party from Indian National Congress to Federation of Congress. “Correct the mistake made by your predecessors,” he added.

Talking about cooperative federalism, Modi said that the GST Council is an example of the federal structure wherein the State finance ministers and Union Finance Minister sit as equals to make decisions. All decisions have been taken unanimously.

He said that like social justice, regional justice is also very important and considering that aspect we have selected aspirational districts along with States. Apart from one State, all States have participated in the scheme and 100 districts were taken to improve the development indicators in these districts which are now even better than the rest of the districts in a state.

We have made improvements in the coal and mining sectors by giving more and more incentives, all income from the auctions have gone to state governments. “If states benefit, the country benefits. Odisha has been the finest example of cooperative federalism wherein the state cooperated with us shoulder to shoulder in implementing the reforms and the state Chief Minister must be praised for this.”

Stating that States will be developed for the country’s development, Modi said you all know what happened with me when I was Chief Minister of Gujarat. “But as CM I always used to say that the State will be developed for the country’s sake. People who ruled the country for decades, the way they exploited the States, they brought President’s rule over 100 times and uprooted elected governments,” he added.

Taking a dig at the Congress Party, he said that the grand old party did not even spare its own leaders. They divided Andhra Pradesh in a wrong way that both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are fighting till now. “Atalji also made three States, but it was done peacefully. We are not opposing Telangana, but it could have been done peacefully,” Modi added.




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