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Congress to approach Lok Sabha polls as polls in 29 states

New Delhi, Feb 20 (IANS) The Congress will be approaching the coming Lok Sabha elections not as one election but as polls in 29 different states while also attacking the BJP-led government at the Centre on its promises, performance and failures.

There will be a three-phased multi-media campaign unleashed against the NDA government, party sources said.

In the first phase, the “lies”, “over promise vs under delivery” will be taken up and the party would go hammer and tongs at the government over what it had promised and did not deliver. This phase could roll out in the first week of March.

In Phase II, party campaigners would pick up on what the government claims have been promises fulfilled and tear into the claims by trying to show how it has not been done.

In the third phase, the Congress would project regional issues which would match its main propaganda theme of

the coming general elections as not one election but polls to 29 states.

The Congress is also discussing slogans and taglines it can use in the elections against the BJP and its government.

“Bahut hui jumlon ki maar, aao badlein Modi sarkar” (There has been enough of slogans, now let’s change the Modi government) and “bande mein hain dum, saath chalenge hum” (there is stuff in the man (Rahul Gandhi), let’s go with him) are two slogans being considered by the party.

These are among the slogans being discussed by the party before it zeroes in on a catchy slogan.



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