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‘Consumers are not educated about preventative care’

New Delhi, Oct 21 (IANSlife) There has been a major shift in the Indian fitness industry, but the consumers are still relatively uneducated about preventative care, says Drew Biks, Head of Operations – Asia, Anytime Fitness. Biks talks to IANSlife about Anytime Fitness and the Indian fitness industry. Excerpts:

Q) How have you seen the Indian fitness industry grow in recent years?

From small unorganised, neighbourhood gyms to the big ambient air-conditioned, well equipped, hygienic, international brands, there has been a major shift in the Indian fitness industry. The industry is growing manifold due the rise in the disposable income and rising awareness about fitness, but there is still a long way to go.

Q) How do you see India as a market?

India market will continue to grow, the fitness penetration in India is below 1 per cent, the Asia average is 7 per cent while the US average is 20 per cent. We have a long way to go – especially with the rising cost of healthcare. People are becoming more aware of preventive healthcare and some sort of a fitness regime.

Q) With the rising popularity of fitness chains, how do you see the competition?

It is always difficult to compete within the fitness market, mainly because consumers are not fully educated on preventative care. Many fitness centers offer different experiences and pricing to fit a consumer’s needs. Fitness centers are growing faster than the consumer market, this means there are more and more options for consumers to choose from.

Q) How has Anytime Fitness grown over the years?

We have continued to grow in market penetration and continue to see positive year-on-year growth. We continue to add new markets and help more and more people get to a healthier place!

Q) Staying fit is more important than being thin. Your comments?

It is important to be healthy. This means different things to different people and cultures. We want to help everyone to become healthy and enjoy life.

Q) What is the most challenging part of being in the fitness industry.

Improving consumer knowledge about a fit lifestyle.

Q) What are your expansion plans?

We will continue to explore options to strategically grow globally, as we have added Germany, South Africa and South Korea in our markets in recent years.

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