Contractors stage protest ahead of PM Modi’s visit to Karnataka

Members of State Contractors Association staged a big protest on Wednesday here ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Karnataka visit on Thursday, alleging harassment by the BJP ministers for commission and demanding release of their pending bills amounting to Rs 25,000 crore.

Thousands of contractors from across the state have slammed the ruling BJP over “40 per cent commission”, saying that they are staging symbolic protests to send a warning signal to the government.

If the pending bills are not cleared by the end of this month, contractors will stop all work in the state and stage a protest, the agitating contractors warned.

The government’s assurance during the last protest has remained only as an assurance, as it has not kept the promises regarding payment of bills, and not a single rupee has been cleared in the pending bills, the protestors alleged.

If questioned on corruption, the ruling BJP establishment will send the whistle blower to jail, they alleged, adding that the clearance of pending bills is delayed by seeking unnecessary technical details.

State Contractors’ Association President Kempanna stated that he had handed over all documents relating to 40 per cent commission scandal being handed over to the advocate and, in turn, they will be submitted to the court. Apart from the pending bills, local contractors are not getting work under the ruling BJP in the state, he alleged.




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