Cop arrested for extortion in Bengaluru

A police constable has been arrested on charges of extortion in Bengaluru, police said on Wednesday.

The arrested constable was identified as Anand, attached to Halasuru Gate police station.

The accused allegedly extorted Rs 2 lakh from an employee of a saree shop after threatening him and the owner of slapping a hawala case on them.

According to police, the accused had stopped one Rajaram, a worker of a saree shop on December 7 and found Rs 10 lakh cash with him. Rajaram was given charge of collecting cash from the shop and handing it over to the owner’s residence.

The accused constable after getting an explanation from Rajaram about the cash, threatened him that he would lodge a hawala case against him and the owner, police said.

The accused had got Rs 2 lakh transferred to his friend’s account later.

Rajaram had lodged a complaint in this regard with the Halasuru Gate police station. The police investigated the case and arrested Anand.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Pratap Reddy has appealed to public to call helpline (112) if police are demanding money.

“We will not tolerate cops who threaten and fleece people. The guilty police personnel will be mercilessly punished,” he said.




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