Cops teach underprivileged students in UP’s Prayagraj


Police personnel posted at the office of the Inspector General of Police (IG) in Prayagraj, are playing a new role — that of mentoring underprivileged children.

The police personnel have donned the hat of a teacher for the underprivileged children of the slum and are teaching subjects like geography and political science to the students of Classes 7 and 8.

Inspector General of police (Prayagraj range) K.P. Singh also took classes for an hour on Tuesday with over 50 students.

The IG said that he would be teaching other subjects to the children every Tuesday evening.

The initiative was started by a policeman named Ashish Mishra, who is a constable with the Prayagraj range office and had started teaching underprivileged children a few weeks back. Gradually, other policemen of different posts and ranks too joined him and started teaching the children who do not have access to smartphones and laptops to attend online classes.

Most of the students are children of labourers living in the area nearby.

Ashish Mishra, who had also done B.Ed, started the classes by following all the Covid-19 guidelines and social distancing rules.

The IG appreciated the efforts and decided to join the initiative himself.