Corruption encourages dysfunctionality in govt, perpetrates economic inefficiency: PM’s Principal Secy

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday observed the International Anti-Corruption Day and organised an investiture ceremony in New Delhi where 34 officials were felicitated by P.K. Mishra, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister.

“Anti-Corruption efforts – A sine qua non for Development and Security,” Mishra said while presenting medals for ‘Meritorious Service’ to 34 CBI officers.

Mishra emphasised that tackling the crime of corruption is the right and responsibility of everyone.

“Impact of corruption is especially heavy on common citizens, even more on poorer and vulnerable persons in communities. Corruption encourages dysfunctionality in government and perpetrates economic inefficiency, and can be a serious threat to national security… Corruption, whether small or big, takes away the rights of someone or the other,” he said .

With technological development, he said, there are opportunities to prevent corruption but there are also areas where corruption can be much more difficult to trace particularly in areas like cryptocurrency.

Mishra further emphasised the importance of innovative anti-corruption solutions. He also called for real-time information sharing between law enforcement agencies and underlined that India is ready to play an active role towards fighting various types of crimes with cross border linkages including financial crimes. He also said that India is ready to cooperate with other countries and agencies.

CBI Director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal emphaised the need for curbing corruption. Referring to the Interpol General Assembly (IGA) which India hosted recently, he said IGA resolved that all 195 INTERPOL member countries shall actively and collectively support the fight against organized crime, financial crime and corruption.




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