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‘Couldn’t find a single toilet’, K’taka woman writes to Prez Murmu on her ordeal

A Karnataka woman’s letter on how she was forced to attend nature’s call in public in the absence of public toilets at a pilgrimage centre in Chikkamagalur district has gone viral on social media.

Jademma, the devotee, who wrote the letter in Kannada, has described her ordeal in detail.

She has urged President Droupadi Murmu to ensure the construction of public toilets at the pilgrimage centres, which are visited by lakhs of people. She also stated that the President is an inspiration and symbol of confidence for a woman like her.

The letter reads, “the main objective of the letter is to bring forth the pain of common women like me.

“Few days ago, I visited Bababudangiri Datta Peeta, Mullaiyyanagiri and Seethalaiahyyanagiri, all Hindu pilgrimage centers. At Bababudangiri, I started to get a sensation for nature’s call. I could not find a public toilet. Suppressing the urge, I climbed Mullaiyyanagiri hill. I searched for toilets but to no avail.

“Later, I climbed Seethalaiahyyanagiri and looked for the public toilet. Every moment the sensation was growing stronger. I could not tolerate it and swallowing humiliation, I peed in the public place swallowing the humiliation and insult.

“Every day, people fight for their religions and gods. But, their negligence towards building toilets is unfortunate. When we get the urge for nature’s call, we forget which religion we belong to and attend it. If there is any place in the world which is used by people of all religions at all places, it is the toilet.

“You are also a woman like me. But, you don’t face my problems as you are in power and you have people to serve you. But, non availability of toilets has brought down the dignity of women like me. You can understand the pressure of a normal woman regarding attending nature’s call.

“Women know the difficulties faced by women. The absence of a public toilet at a Pilgrimage centre visited by lakhs of people is a violation of Articles 19 and 21 of the Constitution. We have reached Mars but could not build a toilet at these pilgrimage centers.

“India is the capital of diabetes in the world. They are highly dependent on public toilets. The people of Karnataka won’t forget if you build a toilet facility here.”



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