Councillors shouldn’t be paid if they don’t show up to work, says Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown

The political impasse continues at Brampton City Council with the group of councillors who have called for an investigation into Mayor Patrick Brown’s time there not attending meetings and putting all business on hold.

This morning Brown and those loyal to him issued a written statement which said that councillors who don’t show up for work, shouldn’t be paid. The mayor’s camp also want the court costs associated with what was ruled as illegal replacement of Charmaine Williams be paid for by them.

“It has been two weeks since a Superior Court Judge found that six Councillors passed an illegal motion to pre-emptively appoint a Member of Council. Despite warnings from the City Clerk and City Solicitor, Cllrs Medeiros, Fortini, Dhillon, Bowman, Whillans and Williams, pushed a motion forward that contravened the Municipal Act. Any future decision of Council from that point forward could have been challenged,” the statement said.

“These six Councillors felt that they could do anything they wanted; They said, “Council reigns supreme” and, “we can do what we want”. With these statements, they effectively ignored their responsibilities to the residents of this great city.

“We, the undersigned, were very concerned about their words and actions. As a result, we have been acting on our fiduciary duty to work to protect the City of Brampton from unnecessary financial risk due to their illegal actions. Although the judicial process required us to wait, we are pleased with the Judge’s ruling that the May 31st pre-appointment of a person to fill a non-vacant seat was illegal and that $20,000 must be paid for court costs.

With the clarity provided by the courts, the Mayor Brown immediately called for special council meetings to be held to deal with the important unfinished business of the City which was delayed while we awaited the court’s ruling; Important business that the six Councillors were in a rush to deal with.

“We are disappointed that they have decided not to help us achieve quorum. While they may be on vacation, they still have the opportunity to log-in virtually to participate. We only need one additional Councillor to attend. Every day this week we have asked our colleagues to return to work. The residents pay our salaries and Staff are ready to work. So far, they have refused to participate and advance the City’s business.

“Based on these actions which continue to challenge the fiduciary duties and oath that we all took, actions which continue to cost taxpayers money for every day that the City’s business is not done, Mayor Brown will be moving a motion that Councillors who miss 5 meetings in a row will be retroactively docked pay. No councillor should receive a pay cheque while not showing up to work

“If they will not show up, even after a ruling from a Superior Court Judge, they should not be paid, and we further expect that the $20,000 in court costs will be paid from their own pockets.”

The statement was signed by Mayor Patrick Brown and Councillors Harkirat Singh, Rowena Santos, Paul Vincente and Michael Palleschi.



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