Couple found dead after house warming party

Hours after they celebrated their house warming party, a young couple was found dead at the residence under mysterious circumstances.

Police claimed that Shyam Kishore Mishra, 32 had an argument with his wife Sadhana Mishra, 28, and later the couple committed suicide.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Gomti Nagar, Shweta Srivastava, said the couple had the house warming party on Tuesday night in which Shyam Kishore danced with the members of a women DJ troupe.

“This did not go down well with Sadhana and the couple had a major argument after the party,” said the ACP.

Srivastava said it appears that an upset Sadhana committed suicide and later, Shyam followed suit.

“Anti-mortem hanging as the cause of their deaths have been revealed in their autopsies,” she said.

Shyam’s younger brother Brij, who was sleeping in the basement of the same house and woke up late on Wednesday, went upstairs and knocked on the door of his elder brother’s room and got no response.

Thereafter, he peeped from the window and spotted Sadhana lying dead on the floor, while Shyam was hanging from the window vent.

He immediately informed the other members of the family.

The couple’s two children, seven-year-old Avinash and nine-year-old Aditi were sleeping in the room, said Brij Kishore, who brought down his brother’s body.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) east, Amit Kumar Anand said that forensic teams are gathering all the evidence and they were yet to receive any complaint from the family.

Sadhana’s father Prithvi Shukla, however, alleged that his daughter and son-in-law always used to fight and suspected foul play in the incident.