Court raps Gurugram police for delay in FIR against real estate firm


A Gurugram court lambasted a station house officer (SHO) of a city police station who appeared before the court on Sunday over delay in lodging FIR against MGF Development Ltd in alleged case of cheating and forgery despite the court passed an order on December 30.

The SHO had requested three days to register an FIR against the realty firm as the place of occurrence has not been specifically mentioned by the complainant firm and hence no FIR was registered.

Meanwhile, the court again strictly directed the SHO to submit the copy of FIR on or before January 3 at 1 p.m. and also directed the police commissioner to ensure compliance.

The court also observed that the complainant placed the copy of the e-mail forwarded by them to the commissioner of police, Gurugram. “This shows that the commissioner of police, Gurugram has complete knowledge that the court has passed an order dated December 30 but despite that no FIR has been lodged by SHO city, Gurugram.”

A private company filed a complaint of Rs 88 crore alleged fraud against MGF on December 28. The company filed petition in the court against MGF Development Ltd, its directors and others for cheating.

A spokesperson of MGF Development Ltd could not be reached for comment.

The complainant stated that they had agreed to develop a parcel of land of the accused of residential, commercial, retail, entertainment, mixed land use and recreational project and as per a cooperation agreement, Rs 88 crore as a security deposit in 2016 had been paid.

The complainant alleged that the accused persons delayed starting the work and in December 2021, they found that the accused had sold the land to some other party.

“We moved an application for contempt proceedings against the concerned police officers as they were not registering an FIR despite the orders of the court,” Kuldeep Yadav, counsel for the complainant, said.



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