Court tells Mumbai police to file copyright infringement case against Kangana

A city court on Friday directed Mumbai Police to file an FIR against actress Kangana Ranaut in a copyright violation case, filed by Ashish Kaul, author of the book “Didda: The Warrior Queen Of Kashmir”.

Kaul has claimed that Kangana took material from his book without proper permission. His plea states that he holds exclusive copyright to the life story of Didda, and Kangana has violated it by attempting to make the film, “Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda”, based on her life, reports Film information.

Didda was the princess of Lohar (Poonch), and the queen of Kashmir. Kaul is a descendant of the queen.

In his statement, Kaul has also mentioned that besides his book, there is only one book in the world that mentions Queen Didda, and it is “Rajatarangini”, written in Sanskrit by Kashmiri historian Kalhana in 12th century CE.

Kaul added that “Rajatarangini” only has two pages that talk about Didda, and the same information has been carried forward by other historians. So, every other book dealing with the subject carries forward certain errors of “Rajatarangini”.