Courts should function for less than 3 hours a day, says Goa govt


Amid a steep hike in Covid-19 cases in the state, the Goa government has urged the judicial courts and quasi-judicial courts in the state to limit their functioning to less than three hours a day.

A circular issued by the Goa government’s Department of Law and Judiciary has also said that no adverse orders should be passed by the courts, in case the parties are not present in the court premises.

“The principal idea is to avoid congestion and close contacts. However, they shall endeavour that the working hours are not more than three hours in a day and the working hours of the office to be decided by the respective authority accordingly,” the circular stated.

“The above courts should not insist on the presence of the parties unless it is unavoidable. The lawyers may advice their clients not to visit the courts unless their presence is directed by them or is unavoidable,” it said, adding that “till the present situation persists, no adverse/default orders may be passed in matters where parties are found to be absent”.