New Delhi, March 14 (IANS) The JNU administration has suspended all academic activities on the campus till March 31, after the Delhi government sent out an advisory in view of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Earlier, the UGC had too issued a circular regarding COVID-19.

The JNUSU has questioned the suspension of academic activities.

“While we understand the need for taking precautions, more needs to be done to strengthen preparedness rather than simply suspending academics. Since it is advisable that travel be restricted to ensure the contagion not spreading, it would be far better if a mechanism is provided for residents within the campus to help follow the precaution,” said a JNUSU statement.

The issue of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation should be addressed in hostels and schools, insisted the students’ body.

“Since mess facilities are continued to be provided, it is better that the issue of having cleanliness drives in all areas of the campus be considered,” the JNUSU advised.

It has also called upon health centres to be well prepared to provide basic facilities of quarantine and basic medical care if needed on an emergency, starting with ensuring medical kits for the detection of the virus in the health centre.

“It has come to our notice that the JNU Administration is shifting students in order to earmark certain rooms in hostels to be quarantine zones should the need arise. We feel that in the face of the current crisis this move is not only inadequate but also completely inane. The JNU administration must provide a proper quarantine zone by repurposing existing housing structures such as the HRDC residential quarters or flats for faculty/wardens, which are vacant and secluded as a quarantine zone,” the JNU students’ body demanded.

Meanwhile, asking for paid medical leaves for the staff, it asked the administration “to show its genuineness towards the welfare of the JNU Community and the containment of the virus”.

So far, 83 active cases of coronavirus have been reported from India and two deaths out of the disease.




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