New Delhi, April 20 (IANSlife) As the country goes into lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to medical professionals and daily consultation has suffered a deep impact.

Kaya Clinic has initiated a PAN India outreach through daily video consultation which will assist in adopting dermatology approved skincare, haircare and any stress-related allergy measures at home.

People seeking assistance across the country besides the existing brand patrons will get access to expert dermatologists across the country by calling on the Kaya toll-free number.

Speaking on Kaya’s intent towards the efforts to combat the virus and the steps being taken, Pooja Sahgal, Vice President and Head, Marketing, Kaya Ltd. said, “As a responsible medical and wellness brand, we at Kaya are constantly striving towards providing world-class facility and best medical care to the people of our country”

“Keeping in mind the current situation, Kaya has decided to roll out digital consultation services to ensure that everyone at home can avail the expertise of Kaya dermatologists for daily skincare. The company is committed to creating large scale awareness about protective measures through mass communication to drive home the message of personal care and hygiene which is critical for us as a nation to fight this virus.”

Kaya Dermatologist Dr Priya also added, “Digital consultation with a qualified and experienced doctor can be a hugely reliable and helpful tool in today’s context providing the firsthand solution for many skin-related concerns at the ease of our own homes.”

(N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe can be contacted at [email protected])




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