New Delhi, April 19 (IANS) In view of the coronavirus crisis and the nationwide lockdown, Delhi-based non-profit organisation Goonj plans to provide livelihood support to 10,000 families in villages across the country.

In the first phase of its efforts to support the under-privileged, the NGO said that its instant support is for migrants who are in cities and its long term focus would be in the rural areas.

“Our strength and long term focus is on the villages also, where a vast majority is or has retreated. We are geared up for the aftermath of this pandemic, intending to reach out to families who due to paucity of resources and livelihood options are badly affected,” it said in a statement.

“Through our ‘VAAPSI’ initiative, we will be targeting 10,000 families in terms of livelihood support/ initiation in the villages. Average cost per family/per livelihood ranges between Rs 8,000 – 10,000.”

It said that the approach is adopted post-disaster which along with giving meaningful employment locally, also curbs forced migration.

Its immediate support measures in cities include localised relief efforts in the process of direct material transfer to the partners, community kitchens and local offices for kit making and other essential activities.

It also plans to reach to 2 lakh rural families, with comprehensive family kits of essentials including largely ration, personal care material to the affected communities in areas well known for migration and related geographies.

“To bring a larger impact on family income and resources other health related issues, debt, education will be looked upon as per need as a lot of these areas are known to us well,” it said.




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