New Delhi, April 15 (IANS) As Covid-19 outbreak is resulting in more infections and the death count rising with each passing day, the reality hit Delhi hard on Wednesday when one coronavirus patient from the citys upscale Defence Colony area succumbed to the dreaded virus.

The deceased was admitted to Delhi’s Max Hospital where he was battling for his life. But his relatives didn’t expect things to turn this rough, in their worst dreams, ever.

A resident of C Block in Defence Colony, the deceased was one of the two persons from Delhi who lost their lives to coronavirus on Wednesday, the Delhi government said.

The senior citizen tested positive with the deadly virus after he came in contact with their security guard who visually looked healthy, but was actually affected with the virus ever since he attended the Tablighi Jamaat event in mid March which is now regarded as one of the epicentres of virus transmission.

The man tested positive along with two other members of his family, one of whom — his son — is said to be battling for his life and has been put on a ventilator.

Speaking to IANS, Defence Colony RWA President Major Ranjit Singh said: “There are many houses in Defence Colony which are under surveillance. But this is the only house where people tested positive. While others from the family recovered, the eldest one could not. However, we are taking all precautions here. Thermal sensors have been given to our guards and sanitisation of the house has taken place. Our only concern remains a buzz that a local homeopathy hospital may be turned into a Covid-19 hospital.”

A message being circulated online said, “Mr X (name not revealed) of XXXX, who was admitted to Max Hospital because of coronavirus, has passed away. Heartfelt condolences to the family. May His Noble Soul Rest In Peace.”




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