Lisbon, April 16 (IANS) Cristiano Ronaldo has been constantly taking to social media to interact with fans as the world has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak and while he has time and again spoken about staying fit, he is now taking to books during this time away from the game.

Taking to Twitter, Ronaldo wrote: “Always challenge yourself! For me it’s time to study.”

Juventus and Portugal football star Ronaldo has reportedly moved out of his seven-story mansion in his hometown Madeira to a rented complex near a quaint fishing village.

Portuguese news outlet Correio da Manha”s magazine Vidas said the forward had moved to a detached five-bed home near the fishing village of Canical in the east of Madeira which was costing him nearly 4000 Euros a week to rent.

The magazine quoted a source saying: “He felt he needed space, that he was getting a bit stifled inside four walls. This new place has a big garden and more privacy of course. Cristiano is very used to having a quiet life.”

Ronaldo had first come to Portugal from Italy where he plays for Serie A giants Juventus after his mother suffered a stroke. He stayed put after Serie A was suspended due to the explosion of coronavirus cases in Italy.

Ronaldo is en route to becoming first football player and third sportsman overall to cross $1 billion in career earnings. This is despite the fact that Ronaldo has reportedly agreed to a wage cut of nearly 4 million Euros with his club Juventus so as to fight the coronavirus pandemic.




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