Covid: 355 recoveries, 185 new cases, 2 deaths in J&K

Covid-19 decline continued in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday as 355 patients recovered while 185 new cases and 2 deaths were reported during the last 24 hours.

Officials said 355 patients were discharged from different hospitals after recovery on Saturday, 104 from Jammu and 251 from Kashmir division while 185 new cases, 74 from Jammu and 111 from Kashmir division were reported.

Two deaths, 1 each in Jammu and Kashmir division occurred on Saturday as the number of people killed by coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir rose to 4,356.

So far, 318,469 people have been infected with coronavirus out of which 310,985 have recovered.

Total number of active cases is 3,128 out of which 1,460 are from Jammu division and 1,668 are from Kashmir division.