Covid cases surge in Bihar over the last three days


There has been a surge in the overall number of Covid-19 cases due to the spike in the number of active patients in Bihar.

According to state Health Department data, 26 patients were identified on March 15 in the state while 88 Covid-19 patients were reported on March 20. Similarly, on March 23, 111 patients were identified, 170 infections were confirmed on March 24 and on March 25, as many as 258 infections were confirmed.

The number of active Covid-19 patients has also increased as the total number of cases surge. While there were 327 active patients in Bihar on March 15, the number of active patients of Covid-19 increased to 472 on March 20. Similarly, on March 23, the number of active patients increased to 623, on March 24 this number reached 726 while on March 25, 924 active patients were reported in the state.

Meanwhile, the state Health Department is also cautious of people coming from other states on the occasion of Holi. People visit their homes during Holi.

A state Health Department official on Friday said random coronavirus checks were being done at all railway stations, bus stands and busy markets. People coming from other states are being closely monitored.

Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey said the people need to be vigilant and aware about Covid-19. He said the the state government is fully alert. Patna has the highest number of active patients in the state. On Thursday, 54 infected people were identified in Patna, increasing the number of active patients in the state capital to 382. It is a sigh of relief that the recovery rate of infected patients in the state is 99.06 per cent.

In Bihar, 2,33,75,172 samples have been tested, out of which 2,64,198 people have been found infected so far. As many as 1,567 infected people have died in the state.