Covid human dimension series: 23-year-old with SPO2-50 defeats Covid

Her family had lost all hope when Rakshita Mohan was admitted at a Covid care centre in Delhi’s Chhattarpur in April end with SPO2 50 — a critical level of oxygen from where survival is difficult.

The 23-year-old from south Delhi’s Palam Colony defeated the deadly virus, and was discharged on Sunday after over 20 days battle with the SARS COV2.

Rakshita at the time of her discharge had a SPO2 level of 96 and she had no difficulty in breathing.

Admitted at the Covid centre in almost semi-unconscious state, Rakshita left the health care facility wearing a bright smile as she thanked the medical staff.

The young woman, however, has been advised by the medical team at Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre, Radha Soami Beas, Chhattarpur, to be very careful and keep maintaining distance from others for another 10 days.

Happy tears rolled down Rakshita’s parents cheeks as they took their daughter home. Twenty days back they were unsure and afraid that she would not win the race against Covid as she couldn’t get ICU bed anywhere before approaching the Chhattarpur centre.

“It’s my second life.

“When I was admitted here my oxygen saturation level was fluctuating between 50 and 55,” Rakshita said.

Senior Medical officer from the Central Reserve Police (CRPF), Dhananjay, who treated Rakshita, said “strong faith in the doctors here helped Rakshita now recovered post antiviral treatment, with discharge saturation of SPO2-96 on room air”.

Rakshita is among many lucky Covid survivors at the Sardar Patel Centre being run by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) who was treated without ICU facility at the centre.

“There was no ICU facility here when Rakshita was admitted at Sardar Patel Centre. One of worst of SPO2-50 saturation during admission was dealt by our doctors. Now the patient has been discharged with 96 SPO2. Her parents literally cried nearly half-an-hour when they got to know that their daughter is being discharged,” ITBP Spokesperson Vivek Pandey told IANS.

Along with Rakshita, the Critical Care Management team at the Covid Centre, where almost 80 people have lost their lives in the first 12-13 days, discharged Arun Rishi, Ravinder and wife of a Delhi Police officer Seema on Sunday.

“The oxygen level of all these Covid survivors was below 70 when they were admitted in April end. Now, the oxygen level of most of them was above 94,” Pandey said.

While being discharged, Arun Rishi, said: “The way the medical staff at the Centre treated me, and boosted my moral was incredible. I might not be able to survive despite paying lakhs of rupees outside. The regular moral support of the medical team here really worked well in my betterment day by day.”

“My condition was very bad at the time of admission,” said Seema, adding “My oxygen level was 73-74 when I was admitted here (Sardar Patel Covid Centre). I was not sure that I will again meet my children. Now, I am perfect. My oxygen level is 96 now.”

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