Covid positivity rate 23% in Gurugram


The daily Covid cases’ positivity rate in Gurugram has reached 23 per cent, officials said on Saturday.

The district has recorded 2,000 plus Covid cases during the last one week out of which 200-300 patients required hospitalisation, according to an official statement of the district administration.

The administration said that in Gurugram, the recovery rate of Covid patients is 78.19 per cent and the mortality rate is 0.42 per cent.

Meanwhile, with the surge in cases, an acute shortage of beds for Covid patients has emerged in Gurugram.

In view of the shortage of hospital beds for Covid patients, Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg has directed the hospitals to increase the number of beds reserved for Covid patients to at least 60 per cent under the general category and 75 per cent of the total bed capacity of ICU and ventilator beds.

Garg claimed that there is no shortage of oxygen in Gurugram district.

He said that the district administration and health department have been engaged to reduce corona infections.

“One must take necessary steps to avoid Covid infections. Take measures to protect yourself and your friends and acquaintances from becoming victims of this epidemic. Always use a face mask while stepping out of the house, maintain social distancing and follow Covid instructions,” Garg added.