Covid spike on in Kerala with 32,819 new cases


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday said that the spread of Covid in the state is continuing with a high daily tally being reported.

“The numbers and the speed at which the spread is happening continues… as on Tuesday 32,819 people turned positive after 1,41,199 samples were sent for testing in the past 24 hours,” he said.

There were 2,47,181 active cases, the highest so far.

“We have also found out that we will not have any shortage of oxygen. But things continue to be grave and hence absolute caution and all protocols must be maintained. No one should show any sort of laxity in observing the protocols. As far as possible, wear N-95 masks and use of double masks is also advised,” said Vijayan.

He also said that there is a shortage of vaccines and that is the reason why one sees people crowding at vaccination centres.

“We have asked for immediate supply of 50 lakh doses and we are asked why we need so much. The fact is that presently the demand of vaccine is huge but supply is scarce and hence there is a problem in people getting an appointment on the app,” added Vijayan.

He said when the supply of vaccines comes quickly, there will be no waiting time to get the vaccine.

“All should take the vaccine because our state has reported the double mutant variant, which is a bit serious type and vaccine is the only way out,” said Vijayan.

He said various religious organisations have started to forego their annual festivals and appreciated a Church in Edethua near Thiruvalla which has decided not to hold their annual festival, which has always been held in the past 212 years.

“I wish to appreciate the sense of responsibility of these officials. We have no other way but to restrain ourselves as that is the only way we can contain the spike,” said Vijayan.