Covid TPR in Kerala crosses 43 per cent, with 41,668 new cases


For the second day in succession, the daily new Covid cases in Kerala crossed the 40,000 mark and the test positivity rate reached an all-time high of 43.76 per cent, Health Minister Veena George said in a statement.

However, while on Thursday, 46,387 people turned positive, on Friday it was 41,668.

The state capital district and Ernakulum had over 7,000 new cases.

At present, there are 2,23,548 active cases, but of this, only 3 per cent are in hospitals.

The day saw 33 Covid deaths taking the total death toll to 51,607.

There were 17,053 recoveries.

On the vaccination front, 100 per cent (2.67 crore) have had one dose, of which 83 per cent (2.21 crore) have taken both the doses.

Among those aged 15 to 18 years, 63 per cent (9.60 lakh) have been given one dose.



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